Serial Fucker Part 2

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Hot and horny man hunter, Diego Sans, is the main actor in this hardcore series by made for ‘Drill My Hole.’ He plays a sex crazed man who hunts his men down in the big bad city. He looks out for them every day and night, he never looses; they are easy prey once he has seen them. He is good with the chat up lines and no man can ever say no to him. His cock is always hard and once he has finished with them, he throws them back out onto the street where they belong, easy meat now that he has had them. In this fantastic episode he sees Brenner Bolton form his bedroom window, and even before Brenner has spotted him, Diego has won the hunt before it has even started.
Diego Sans is a great looking man, more of a demigod really. He has high cheek bones. A strong chin and an amazing strong body with a wonderful six pack, and his body is covered in short dark hair. He is a top with a seven inch uncut cock and a rock hard ass. He has brown hair, sexy and seductive brown eyes, is five foot ten inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. His last movie was ‘Serial Fucker Part 1’ where he hunted down, and fucked the ass of Nicoli Cole.
Brenner Bolton is a good looking smooth hunk who has over 10k followers on Twitter where he says he is ‘Eager to become the biggest slut bottom in porn,’ and if you have seen this young man before, you can easily believe it. Even in his first hardcore gay pornstars movie for back in November 2014, Brenner bends over and takes Sebastian Young’s big hard dick up his ass in ‘Before My Wife Gets Home’ Brenner is versatile with a six and a half inch uncut cock, he has brown hair, Hazel eyes, is six foot tall and weighs 238 pounds.
The game is on, Diego Sans has seen Brenner Bolton, game almost over, next scene is of Diego and Brenner naked in the shower together. The water cascades over their beautiful hard bodies and stiff dicks as they rub against each other as they kiss passionately. Diego leans backwards as Brenner gets on his knees and sucks this muscled man’s hard dick. Diego slaps his cock against Brenner’s cock-sucking lips and fucks his face making sure it goes all the way in. Diego grunts with lust as his balls and his dick get sucked all over. Brenner strokes on his own hard dick at the same time. They dry themselves off and get into the bedroom.
Brenner gets straight on his hands and knees and waits to get serviced by Diego. Diego kneels behind him and rims his tight ass with his tongue making Brenner groan with pure ecstasy. Diego sinks his tongue in as far as it will go getting it ready for his cock but he gives him a quick finger fuck first. They change positions and Brenner sits on Diego’s face and as he feels his tongue darting in and out of his hungry ass, he sucks on Diego’s cock.
Brenner bends over the side of the bed, his feet on the floor and his chest on the mattress below him. Diego stands behind him and plunges his aching hard dick straight into him, fucking him slowly to begin with and picking up speed by the second. Both men shout out so loudly all the neighbours are bound to hear them fucking like crazy.
They fuck all over the bed, grunting and groaning; Brenner Bolton feels his prostate getting banged time after time. He strokes his cock in excitement as he gets fucked in the missionary position and then cums over his smooth hard body. Diego Sans kneels over his prey and cums over his chest and stomach, he bends over and gives Brenner a kiss. Brenner asks him if he can have a shower but Diego tells him that there is a shower at the gym downstairs and sends him packing.
Game over.

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